Bringing Dialogue & Colour to Public Space in Squamish 2017


Squanderer Mural Festival 2017


  • We believe that one of the greatest strengths of Squamishs’ art scene lies in it’s diversity and we aspire to represent this as best we can while maintaining the highest standards of quality.
  • We are interested in showcasing a variety of stories, styles, and backgrounds.
  • Our primary considerations are skill, execution, experience, capability, style, quality, diversity, individuality, and context.
  • All mural artists are paid.
  • Fee is based on project scope and artist experience.
  • SMF provides all paint and supplies in addition to the artist fee.
  • We expect everyone involved with SMF to be respectful to staff, artists, volunteers, building owners, and their environment.
  • Any artist found in violation of this will no longer be permitted to paint.  Any outstanding fees will be withheld and their assigned wall may be repainted by another artist.
  • Artists must meet the deadlines determined by SMF.  (e.g. final draft, paint order, etc).
  • SMF coordinates with selected artists as to which wall they will paint and retains the final decision.
  • Artists are given artistic freedom to create what they want in conversation with the festival curator and building owners.
  • Building owners maintain the right to veto a design.
  • Typical timeline for painting is 7 days.
  • While socially challenging art is always appreciated and encouraged, no gratuitous violence, racism, or outright offensive content is permitted.